A Sorrow Halved

A Performance-installation by SIGNA Directed by: Signa Köstler / dshh_status__world_premiere

Premiere 16/11/2017

Werkhalle der Firma Heidenreich & Harbeck

Those of you in search of what is good, join us. No organisation nor any other system or institution has a hold over this place. The state has long since withdrawn and left the good entirely in the hands of the private sector. So it is exclusively private individuals who have made it their job to take of care of lost people. In one of the last blind corners of the state, they are generously granted protection from what is outside.

The Danish-Austrian artistic collective SIGNA, who won the Nestroy Prize in 2016, will create their third work for the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg, after the two very successful productions »Schwarze Augen, Maria« (Black-eyed Maria) and »Söhne & Söhne«, for whose set design Signa Köstler was awarded the »Theaterpreis Hamburg – Rolf Mares«.

The performance will take place at the former factory workshop of the company Heidenreich & Harbeck in Barmbek.

With: Amanda Babaei Vieira, Georg Bütow, Asger Degnbol, Navid Rashid Farrokhi, Kai Friebus, Erich Goldmann, Imke Grabe, Benjamin Hassmann, Zenzi Huber, Flora Janewa, Saskia Kaufmann, Thor Albin Kjær, Dominik Klingberg, Tristan Kold, Tom Korn, René Marvin Kuhnke, Arthur Köstler, Signa Köstler, Jan Liefhold, Camilla Lønbirk, Frederik von Lüttichau, Evi Meinardus, Simon Salem Müller, Wanja Neite, Chiara Nicolaisen, Joanna Noga, Sonja Pikart, Fabian Raith, Christopher Ramm, Sofie Ruffing, Julian Sark, Antonio Schmidt, Johanna Schmidt, Markus Schmon, Andreas Schneiders, Olivia Schrøder, Benedicte Skjalholt, Raphael Souza Sá, Viktoria Steiber, Simon Steinhorst, Luisa Taraz, Lorenz Vetter, Marie S Zwinzscher Guest Stars: Jonas Preben Jørgensen, Steven Reinert, Helga Sieler, Ivana Sokola, Mareike Wenzel

Concept: Signa Köstler Directed by: SIGNA Set Design: Signa Köstler, Camilla Lønbirk, Olivia Schrøder Costume Design: Tristan Kold, Signa Köstler Technical design, sound and media: Simon Steinhorst Technical Design, Sound and Media: Arthur Köstler Production management: Arthur Köstler, Camilla Lønbirk Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier Technical production management: Simon Urbschat