Meet at the Ark at Eight 5+

by Ulrich Hub

Premieres 14/09/2014

Große ProbeBühne

Running time: 70 minutes, no interval

Recommended for people aged 5+ and grades 1-6

Three penguins on the ice. Since not much else is happening, they argue out of sheer boredom and delve into the big questions of life: Is there a God, or is there not? God is supposed to be big and powerful, but there is clearly one major problem – he is invisible! How can you know for sure that he exists? Surrounded by snow and ice, the penguins observe that their alleged creator was not very creative when it came to their homeland – the eternal ice. Also, he seems to have been confused about penguins: “We are birds and smell of fish. We have wings but cannot fly.”

In the middle of this philosophical debate it suddenly starts raining heavily. The water rises and rises – the Flood is approaching. A dove appears with two saving tickets for Noah’s Ark: “Here are the tickets. Make sure not to lose them. And remember to be at the Ark at eight. Whoever is late, will drown.” The two chosen penguins are confronted with a serious problem. What will happen to the third penguin? They cannot possibly leave their friend behind. So they decide to smuggle him on board the Ark in a suitcase – tricking the pigeon who keeps a strict watch over the passenger list. An exciting journey takes its course...

»Meet at the Ark at Eight« is one of the great successes of recent years and is already considered a classic of children’s theatre. In 2006 it was awarded the Deutscher Kindertheaterpreis. Ulrich Hub’s play is an amusing and exciting comedy of errors with philosophical depth.

Photos © Sinje Hasheider

With: Hermann Book, Philipp Kronenberg, Florens Schmidt, Sophia Vogel Live Music: Thomas Esser, Jan Fritsch

Directed by Gertrud Pigor Set and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky Composers: Thomas Pigor, Thomas Esser, Jan Fritsch Lighting Design: Jonathan Nacke Dramaturgy: Nicole Dietz