Einmal ans Meer (To the Seaside) 7+

Based on »Frau Loosli« by Andreas Schertenleib
German adaptation by Taki Papaconstantinou

Premieres 31/01/2015

JungesSchauSpielHaus Gaußstraße

Running time: One hour, no interval

Rahel is nine years old and has a very special friend: Mrs Loosli, who is almost eighty and who doesn’t have a tongue. That is why she cannot speak properly – but she sings wonderfully. Once a week, Mrs Loosli is invited to lunch at the Baumgartners. The four boys often make fun of Mrs Loosli’s strange pronunciation. And Rahel, the only girl in the family, does so, too. She has to apologize to Mrs Loosli and goes to see her in her small house on the outskirts of the village. On this visit Rahel gets to know her better. Mrs Loosli has a collection of stamps from 57 different countries, but she has never been out of her village. And what is more – she has never seen the seaside.

So Rahel comes up with the idea of taking her along on the family’s camping holiday to Southern France. “I’m noch ge geen och Englang!” says Mrs Loosli, and that she has no problems with sleeping in a tent. But the family is not convinced. Rahel, however, firmly holds on to her idea and manages to win Mrs Loosli over for an adventure. And so the girl and the old lady secretly pack their bags and set out to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer on their own. With only a few words of French they venture on, sleep on the beach, go on a roller coaster, join a Gypsy celebration, and get to know “foreign” people – despite Mrs Loosli’s initial misgivings...

The play is a parable that deals with departure, arrival, and alienation, and with the possibility of closeness between different people. In a sensitive and witty way, and with many musical interludes, it tells of the encounter between old and young people and the fear of “Others”.

With: Florence Adjidome, Thomas Esser

Directed by Taki Papaconstaninou Set and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky Music: Thomas Esser Dramaturgy: Mathias Wendelin