von Wajdi Mouawad

Premieres 20/02/2015

JungesSchauSpielHaus Gaußstraße

Runnign time: One hour, 50 minutes, no intermission

For people aged 15+ Recommended for grades 10-13

In a secret location a team of intelligence personnel is scanning the global communication in search of hidden messages. As part of an international operation they are trying to decipher the messages of a terrorist group to prevent imminent attacks. They communicate with their closest relations through the internet and over the telephone, but are not allowed to talk about their work. When a member of the team commits suicide for unknown reasons, their mission is extended for an indefinite period. The atmosphere in the team darkens, and the maze of cryptic messages and wiretapped conversations turn into a real threat. A young decoding expert is given the task of checking the deceased’s laptop for hidden clues. But his discovery leads to disputes: Could it be that a painting by the Renaissance painter Tintoretto served as a blueprint for a scene of horror? Do the young, globally connected terrorists use poems to encrypt their plans of attack? Can beauty bring about destruction?

As in a spy thriller Wajdi Mouawad’s »Heavens« joins together multiple plot lines and diverse themes from art, history, and politics. Mouawad manages effortlessly to move from composition in classical painting to youth rebellion and conspiracy theories. The play examines the relationship between art and violence in a highly unsettled world that is ruled by terror and surveillance. »Heavens« is the final part of Mouawad’s »Blood Promises« cycle, to which his successful play »Scorched« also belongs.

Photos © Sinje Hasheider

With: Hermann Book, Parbet Chugh, Angelina Häntsch, Jonathan Müller, Christine Ochsenhofer, Florens Schmidt

Directed by Konradin Kunze Set and Costume Design: Lea Dietrich Music: Octavia Crummenerl Video: Jürgen Salzmann Dramaturgy: Stanislava Jević