by Ayad Akthar Directed by: Jan Philipp Gloger

Premieres 15/04/2018


The year is 1985: Robert Merkin, head of the investment firm »Sacker Lowell«, has in the shortest space of time turned the world of finance on its head. His simple and aggressive motto is: Debts are an asset. On the cover of Time Magazine, he is celebrated for his achievements as “America’s Alchemist”. His next victim: the manufacturing company »Everson Steel and United«. With his risky speculation Merkin sets a financial civil war in motion, pitting magnates against workers, lawyers against journalists, and ultimately, everybody against each other.

Ayad Akhtar’s spectacular financial thriller tells the story of the origins of turbocapitalism, when a bold generation of speculators and investors managed to decouple the financial sector from the real economy and change the economic world beyond repair. After the successes of »Disgraced« and »The Who and the What«, the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus will be presenting its third German-language premiere of an Akhtar play.

With: Franziska Arndt, Yorck Dippe, Paul Herwig, Jonas Hien, Christoph Jöde, Janning Kahnert, Jan-Peter Kampwirth, Matti Krause, Thomas Mehlhorn, Anne Müller, Hannah Müller, Maximilian Scheidt, Götz Schubert, Ernst Stötzner, Samuel Weiss

Directed by: Jan Philipp Gloger Set Design: Marie Roth Costume Design: Karin Jud Music: Kostia Rapoport Videodesign: Sami Bill Video: Alexander Grasseck Sound: André Bouchekir, Christoph Naumann Light: Susanne Ressin Dramaturgy: Bastian Lomsché