Long Day’s Journey into Night

by Eugene O’Neill

Premieres 14/10/2016

in Hamburg-SchauSpielHaus - Bühne

It is a devastating August day. There is thick fog outside the Tyrone family’s summer house, while inside the first whiskey bottle is cracked open before noon. The father, a provincial actor who, having worked his way up from a humble background, is manically stingy and submits his wife and two sons to a nightmarish life on tour. This lifestyle, as well as the loss of a child, has made the mother turn to drugs, numbing her pain with morphine. The eldest son – like his father an actor and alcoholic – is equally lost in the fog of intoxication and self-deception. All the while, the younger son is terminally ill, suffering from tuberculosis which symptoms his family downplays as the consequences of an untreated flu.

Nobel laureate Eugene O’Neill’s 1940 play is a merciless and exhibitionistic portrait of his own childhood. With the force of a Greek tragedy O’Neill tells the story of people who are trying to escape from taking responsibility for their lives and thereby become prisoners of their own hell.

>> Accessibility
Due to the specific conditions of set design and seating this performance unfortunately isn’t accessible for people with reduced mobility. We apologize for any inconvenience.

With: Lina Beckmann, Charly Hübner, Felix Knopp, Christoph Luser, Hubert Wild

Directed by Karin Henkel Set Design: Thilo Reuther Costume Design: Klaus Bruns Music: Arvild J. Baud Dramaturgy: Rita Thiele Lighting Design: Susanne Ressin