Nathan 11+

adapted from Lessing, by Grete Pagan and the cast
Directed by Grete Pagan

Hamburg, 2013 – from a contemporary perspective, we look at Lessing’s Enlightenment classic. What does it mean to be a Sultan, a Templar, a Patriarch? What is the difference between Christians, Jews and Muslims?

The actors take a leap to Jerusalem in 1100, where the bloody Crusade Wars are being waged. They ask: Where does this hatred come from? What is faith? And is tolerance possible? They tell the story of the young Jewish girl Recha, who learns that her beloved father Nathan is only her foster father and that she is Christian by birth. And of the wise Jewish businessman Nathan, who is afraid of losing his cherished daughter. And of a young Knight Templar, who is miraculously pardoned by the Sultan and falls in love with Recha.

At a time characterized by confrontation between the West and Islam, Lessing’s powerful plea for humanity and tolerance is more relevant than ever.

With: Hermann Book, Angelina Häntsch, Florens Schmidt

Directed by Grete Pagan Set and Costume Design: Lena Hinz Music: David Pagan Lighting Design: Björn Salzer Dramaturgy: Stanislava Jević