Nichts. Was im Leben wichtig ist. 13+ (Nothing. What is important in life.)

by Janne Teller
adapted for the stage by Andreas Erdmann

Premieres 11/09/2015

Große ProbeBühne

13-year-old Pierre-Anton refuses to go to school, sits provocatively in a plum tree and claims that nothing in this world is of any importance. The girls in his class want to convince him of the opposite and start to “sacrifice” all the things they value – from their favorite bicycle to their prayer rug, down to their virginity. Janne Teller’s novel is a precise parable which radically questions the meaning of life and exposes depths of humanity.

With: Sergej Gößner, Gabriel Kähler, Marie Scharf, Genet Zegay and Marlo Grosshardt

Directed by Klaus Schumacher Set and Costume Designer: Katrin Plötzky Music: Tobias Vethake Video: Jürgen Salzmann Dramaturgy: Stanislava Jević