Robin Hood 8+

by Markus Bothe und Nora Khuon

Premiere 06/12/2018


England is starving. Since Richard Lionheart transferred his power to his brother so that he himself could go and lead the crusades, John’s greed has ruled the land. The new king squeezes every last penny from his people and hoards these riches until the treasury overflows, just like the prisons do with those who cannot pay. Luckily, there is someone who refuses to play along: Robin Hood. Robin is courageous, clever, daring, quick, the best archer near and far, and – but nobody must know – a girl. Disguised as a man, Robin remains undiscovered and gathers a bunch of like-minded people around her. With her band of supporters, she takes up the fight against injustice, takes off with Prince John’s treasure and distributes it to the people, and becomes the most wanted man in England. But her disguise cannot be kept secret for very long, and that’s when the real adventure begins. After "King Arthur" and "A Thousand and One Nights", Markus Bothe is directing yet another family play.

With: Katja Danowski, Tabitha Frehner, Luca Hämmerle, Paul Herwig, Philipp Jacob, Anne Müller, Martin Pawlowsky, Olaf Rausch, Mathis Reinhardt, Maximilian Scheidt, Michael Weber, Michael Wittenborn, Samuel Weiss Musicians: Christian Gerber, Sönke Rust, Matthias Trippner

Directed by: Markus Bothe Stage Design: Robert Schweer Costume Design: Justina Klimczyk Lighnting: Rebekka Dahnke Music: Biber Gullatz Sound: André Bouchekir, Lukas Koopmann, Matthias Lutz Dramaturgy: Nora Khuon Kampfchoreographie: Jan Krauter