Essay on Puberty

adapted from the novel by Hubert Fichte

Premiere 19/11/2016


“I would quite like to go to the theatre, if only I had a friend to go with me.” In this one sentence a great part of the desires which occupy Hubert Fichte’s protagonists and motivate the plot of his postwar novel appear to culminate. A young man on the verge of adulthood finds out that he is homosexual. More precisely, the writer Hans Werner Pozzi predicts this orientation from the analysis of his urine. His mother, who is about to lose her job as a prompter for the Thalia Theater because the artistic director’s wife does not like her, shares her son’s love for the theatre. With reference to Stanislavsky, they rehearse Sartre’s plays to escape the infamous pathos of the Nazi-era theatre. In postwar Hamburg artistic freedom and open homosexuality are still regarded as an affront to the bourgeoisie. Fichte’s »Essay on Puberty« is not just a memoir on growing up, which appears as hopeful as it does brutal, but also a novel about Hamburg: A highly personal city guide through the artistic milieu of the fifties.

With: Matthias Buss, Sebastian J. Doppelbauer, Carlo Ljubek, Sebastian Kreyer, Felix Raape, Gustav Strunz, Michael Weber

Directed by Sebastian Kreyer Set Design: Thomas Dreißigacker Costume Design: Maria Roers Dramaturgy: Jörg Bochow Lighting Design: Andreas Juchheim Sound: Katja Haase, Boris Preuschmann Lightning Design: Thomas Hölzel Music: Andreas Seeligmann