Since the 2015/16 season we use the »FAQ-Room« to discuss the political, social and philosophical “frequently asked questions” of our time. In talks, panel discussions, lecture performances and presentations of films, guests such as Slavoj Žižek, Alexander Kluge and Jenny Erpenbeck discuss the conflicts and difficult questions of the world today. We present theatrical productions of contemporary political texts such as Michel Houellebecq’s novel »Submission« and Ayad Akthars play »Disgraced«.



In 2017/18 the »FAQ-Room« goes into the third round!


Please visit the German version for an up to date schedule of FAQ-Room.



In the season 2017/18 we invited:


-> Stephan Lessenich
-> Christoph Menke
-> Jean Ziegler
-> Slavoj Žižek



>> FAQ-Room 2016/17


Peter Sloterdijk: What happened in the 20th century?

In his talk, philosopher and writer Peter Sloterdijk discusses the burdens, lessons and hopes left behind by the 20th century, and the consequences.

Spring 2017

Carolin Emcke: Combatting hatred  

An argument against xenophobia, hate speech, violence and especially against the logic of purity that fanatics everywhere are currently invoking. A plea for the impure, for diversity, irony and self-doubt. Carolin Emcke will be reading from and talking about her new book, to be published in mid-October 2016.

November 2016

World Climate Change Conference: What became of Paris?

Florian Rauser and other experts who developed Rimini Protokoll’s »World Climate Change Conference« at the SchauSpielHaus in 2014 and 2015, use the occasion of the new Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh in November 2016, COP 22, to ask what has become of the agreements of Paris.

December 2017

In association with the Laika Verlag and teorema e. V.

Ayad Akhtar: The Who and the What

Zarina, a young woman from a family of Pakistani origin in Atlanta, is writing a book about the Prophet. She asks questions about who he was as a person, about his passions, and about the image Islam has created of him. The topic is full of potential conflict – also for the fictional author in Ayad Akthar’s new play. Her father, a pious Muslim, made his fortune in America and now owns a third of all the taxis in the city. Since his wife died, he has dedicated himself entirely to providing for the welfare of his daughters. He tries to arrange marriages for them, even creating a personal ad in Zarina’s name and checking all the possible candidates himself. All is well until he comes upon Zarina’s manuscript. He repudiates her because of the book’s alleged blasphemy. The family falls apart. After the successful production of »Geächtet« (»Disgraced«) we will be showing the German-language premiere of Ayad Akhtar’s latest play.

Directed by: Karin Beier

German-language premiere: 14/1/2017 / SchauSpielHaus

Heinz Bude: Fear, Hate, Hope. The feeling of the world.

Depression caused by burn-out is on the rise; capitalism is viewed as the catch-all source of crisis; right-wing populists score points with simple messages of salvation. Where can we find hope? Macrosociologist Heinz Bude describes a society marked by troubling uncertainty, pent-up anger and quiet bitterness. He analyses how social moods come about, how they are influenced, and how they can change.

Reinhard Merkel: The West is to blame

Philosopher of law Reinhard Merkel asks the following questions: How high a price can be reasonably payed for a democratic revolution? Can a democratic change of regime by military means be justified, and if so, how? To what extent do Europe and the United States share the blame for the catastrophe of the Syrian civil war?

>> FAQ-Room 2015/16



Monday, 26/10/2015, 20.00

FAQ-Room 1:
Pier Paolo Pasolini – »Salò oder Die 120 Tage von Sodom«

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Thursday, 19/11/2015, 20.00

FAQ-Room 2:
Slavoj Žižek – »Über Mandela hinaus ohne Mugabe zu werden«

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Hear a recording of the Slavoj Žižek's lecture in our podcast »HoerSpielHaus« (edited).


Tuesday, 12/01/2016 at 20.00

FAQ-Room 3:
Welches Land wollen wir sein?

With: Friedrich von Borries, Sieghard Wilm, Bettina Stucky / Moderation: Christian Rabhansl

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Saturday, 16/01, 20.00, German Premiere

FAQ-Room 4:


by Ayad Akhtar / Directed by: Klaus Schumacher

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Friday, 22/01/2016, 20.00

FAQ-Room 5:

Hannelore Hoger & Alexander Kluge – »Unverwüstlichkeit des Politischen«

Reading with films

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Saturday, 06/02/2016, 20.00, World Premiere

FAQ-Room 6:


by Michel Houellebecq / Directed by Karin Beier

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Wednesday, 24/02/2016, 20.00

FAQ-Room 7:

Jenny Erpenbeck – »Gehen, ging, gegangen«

Jenny Erpenbeck reads from her latest novel.

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Thursday, 07/04/2016 um 20.00

FAQ-Room 8:


by Ferdinand von Schirach

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Friday, 15/04/2016, 20.00

FAQ-Room 9

Olaf Scholz – »Flucht nach Deutschland. Konsequenzen einer neuen Realität«

Lecture and discussion

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The proceeds will be donated to »Hanseatic Help e. V.«.


Wednesday, 27/04/2016, 20.00

FAQ-Room 10

»Refugees Welcome – Konzepte für eine menschenwürdige Architektur«

With: Amelie Deuflhard, Jörg Friedrich, Hendrikje Blandow-Schlegel u.a.

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The proceeds will be donated to »Hanseatic Help e. V.«.


Friday, 24/06 at 20.00

FAQ-Room 11

Charly Hübner reads from »Macht«

by Karen Duve

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