Anatomy of a suicide

by Alice Birch
German version by Corinna Brocher
/ Repertoire

Premieres 17/10/2019



10/Thu SchauSpielHaus / German language premiere
10/Mon SchauSpielHaus / Introduction

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Carol does not love life. It takes her a lot of effort just to exist, but nobody understands her dark despair. Is she not beautiful? Is she not feeling well? Does she not have all that most people envy her for? So where does the depression come from? When she gives birth to a daughter, she promises her she will stay alive for as long as she can. But the disease won’t let her go. Years later, Anna barely manages to find her way in the world. She seeks refuge in drugs and an excessive lifestyle until she gives birth to a daughter. But her melancholy remains and soon leads her into the same catastrophe as her mother. Again, a few years later, Bonnie, now an adult, resolutely fights against this seemingly inevitable legacy. She makes a radical decision to put an end to the spiral. The British author Alice Birch tells the story of three generations of women in a dramaturgically sophisticated way: The story lines unfold simultaneously onstage, with each of the three protagonists in their own time zone. Focusing on the female gaze, the piece is composed like a fugue in which the individual narratives’ themes and motifs leave traces, are varied, and inscribe themselves in the female figures like the depression in their DNA, from which there seems to be no escape.

With: Sandra Gerling, Paul Herwig, Josefine Israel, Christoph Jöde, Ruth Marie Kröger, Tilman Strauß, Michael Weber, Julia Wieninger, Gala Othero Winter

Directed by: Katie Mitchell Assistant to director: Lily McLeish Lightning: James Farncombe Stage Design: Alex Eales Costume Design: Clarissa Freiberg Composition Music: Melanie Wilson, Paul Clark Sounddesign: Melanie Wilson, Donato Wharton Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier Videotechnique: Alexander Grasseck, Peter Stein Sound: Roman Schneider, André Bouchekir Stage Management: Lawrie McLennan