Anna Karenina – but with another text and another melody

by Clemens Sienknecht und Barbara Bürk by Lew Tolstoi Directed by: Clemens Sienknecht und Barbara Bürk

Premiere 11/11/2017


"The city of the Elbphilharmonie has yet another attraction to offer. »Anna Karenina« is a real hit in this brilliant musical version. Combining advertising blog with Top of the Pops, this tribute to the novel is a highly serious form of absolute entertainment, which effortlessly unites slapstick with high literature. A fantastic ensemble! A real pleasure." (NDR Hamburg Journal; transl. Sarah J. Ablett)

The highly esteemed radio show »Famous Cases of Adultery in World Literature« by Clemens Sienknecht and Barbara Bürk continues. This season, the second episode of the series will be shown on the big stage. »Anna Karenina« follows her predecessor »Effi Briest« – but with another text and another melody.

The Russian heroine of Leo Tolstoy's novel is one of the three most famous adulterers of the 19th century, all of whom, in violation of social norms, are destined to be destroyed because of their passionate love for someone other than their husband.