Maus unter 6+ (Mouse Under)

by Hermann Book

Premiere 07/11/2015

JungesSchauSpielHaus Gaußstraße

Running time: One hour, no interval

Recommended for people aged 7+ and grades 1 to 4

In our new play we tell the story of two mice who mysteriously find themselves someplace under the earth. They have no idea how they got here, how they will get back to the surface, and whether they are really alone in this place. Driven by curiosity, they screw up their courage and go looking for “above” – which must be there somewhere. They quickly notice that they really aren’t on their own, that actually there are lots of different and strange inhabitants around, and that you can live wonderfully well below ground, too.

With: Philipp Kronenberg, Christine Ochsenhofer, Sophia Vogel

Directed by Hermann Book Set and Costume Design: Katharina Philipp Music: Octavia Crummenerl Lighting Design: Jonathan Nacke Dramaturgy: Mathias Wendelin