Plaster Cast or How I Repaired the World in a Single Day

A hospital comedy by Anna Woltz
in a version by Stanislava Jevic aund Klaus Schumacher
German by Andrea Kluitmann

Premieres 26/01/2019

Große ProbeBühne

“You don’t need to be afraid of parents who kiss. Parents become dangerous when they don’t kiss any more.” 12-year-old Fitz and her little sister Bente know that now. Their parents have told them – they were nice enough to wait until Boxing Day – that they are getting divorced. It would have been great to be a family, but mum and dad would really rather go their own ways. Fitz and Bente are heartbroken. They hate the idea of living with an “overnight bag”.
But suddenly something happens that gives them hope. In an accident, Bente loses her fingertip and has to go to hospital. The whole family reunite in the hospital room, which gives Fitz the idea that maybe what her parents need is a plaster cast to get them to heal together again… We follow just one day in the lives of Fitz and her family, and yet in the hospital we get to know many different characters and their stories. And Fitz learns that although a third of all marriages are divorced, people fall in love anyway, again and again. We have Douwe, the male nurse who tends to Bente’s fingertip, who makes jokes about Zombie films in which she could be an actress, whose hair smells like melons and who Bente has a crush on. Then there’s pretty nurse Yasmine with the prominent ears and the beautiful voice which enchants Dr de Gooier. And Primula, a little girl with a heart condition who adores Dr Wong because, as she puts it, “during the operation he touched her heart”. And then of course there’s Adam, who is slightly older than Fitz, suddenly appears at the window and with whom Fitz falls in love a little bit, though for a long time she won’t admit it … Maybe love should be given another chance? Maybe you stay a family that sticks together in emergencies, even though mum and dad don’t kiss any more?
Anna Woltz writes compassionately and convincingly from the perspective of an adolescent girl dealing with the anger and disappointment felt by children whose parents divorce. It is all the better that “Gips” (“Plaster Cast”) is also a very entertaining book about love and friendship. It was deservedly nominated for the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Youth Literature Award) in 2017.

With: Hermann Book, Sergej Gößner, Gabriel Kähler, Kristina Nadj, Christine Ochsenhofer, Sophia Vogel

Directed by: Klaus Schumacher Set and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky Composition: Tobias Vethake Dramaturgy: Stanislava Jević Video: Stefanie Rübensaal Lightning: Jonathan Biendarra Sound Design: Caroline Woelke