The Judgment 14+

by Franz Kafka

Premieres 24/03/2018

Große ProbeBühne

A young man walks purposefully along the road towards a bridge, he climbs over the railing, a bus passes by. He uses the moment of street noise and jumps. We don't know whether he drowned or was able to make it to the shore. What we know is what preceded his decision to jump. Georg Bendemann's day begins with a plan that he has up to then been very unsure about. But the day has come for him to put it into action. He writes his unhappy friend in St. Petersburg a letter about his own happiness. He has often doubted whether his friend might feel offended or upset by his own successful life. But shouldn't a friend enjoy the success of the other as much as he enjoys it himself? Georg is determined to follow through with his plan, and before doing so simply wants to talk it through with his father.

But his father's reaction turns his world upside down. Wickedly he dismantles his son's life, finishing with a brutal verdict: You may have been an innocent child, but even more you were a devilish being! And therefore I want you to know that I condemn you to a death by drowning!

Kafka wrote »The Judgment« in a single night. "This is the only way it can be done, only in such a context where there exists a complete opening of the body and the soul." Simple, con-cise and straightforward, Kafka unfolds the unheard of. Over a few pages he makes his hero undergo the toils of mankind and dismantles the reliability of causal world connections. We join Georg Bendemann in his confrontation with the incredible variants that this world has to offer in its beautiful and cruel way.

Clara Weyde will stage this early work of Kafka. Last season, she directed »Ein Sommer-nachtstraum"«[A Midsummer Night's Dream] for the Junges SchauSpielHaus. Among others, she is involved with the Schauspiel Dresden, Theater Bonn and the Schauspiel Hannover. In 2016, she received the Theaterpreis Hamburg – Rolf Mares.

With: Sergej Gößner, Gabriel Kähler, Philipp Kronenberg, Sophia Vogel

Directed by: Clara Weyde Set Design: Katrin Plötzky Costume Design: Clemens Leander Musical direction: Thomas Leboeg Lightning: Jonathan Nacke Dramaturgy: Nora Khuon Sound: Nicanor Müller von der Haegen