The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents 15+

by Lukas Bärfuss

Premieres 19/10/2019

Große ProbeBühne

“Child, I’m so happy. These doctors with their drugs. We’ll stop all that. No pills, ever again. I promise. Welcome, Dora, welcome to the world.”

With her doctor’s consent, Dora’s mother decides to stop her mentally disabled daughter’s medication. The drugs had completely paralysed Dora as a person for the last few years. Dora’s mother wants her old child back: full of life, but also unpredictable. What neither the parents nor the doctor have considered is that meanwhile Dora has become a young woman, who now experiences a strong sexual awakening.

Lukas Bärfuss’ drama unsparingly exposes and breaks many taboos. Despite all the ambivalence and the questions with which it leaves the audience, it is a strong plea for the right to self-determination of people with disabilities. Bärfuss is considered one of the most important contemporary playwrights in the German language. His frequently prize-winning plays have been translated into a dozen languages and are put on worldwide. This is the first time “The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents” is performed at a Theatre for Young Audiences.

We are delighted that Friederike Jaglitz and Michael Schumacher from the Hamburg theatre group MEINE DAMEN UND HERREN are joining us for this production (

With: Hermann Book, Friederike Jaglitz, Gabriel Kähler, Christine Ochsenhofer, Marie Scharf, Michael Schumacher, Genet Zegay

Directed by: Alexander Riemenschneider Stage Design: David Hohmann Costume Design: Lili Wanner Choreographic assistance: Regina Rossi Lightning: Andreas Juchheim Sound: Benjamin Owusu-Sekyere, Caroline Woelke Composition: Matthias Schubert Dramaturgy: Stanislava Jević