Arabian Nights 8+

The Mystery of the Stolen Magic Powers
by Markus Bothe and Nora Khuon

Premiere 05/11/2016


Sultan Sheherban is still a child when he ascends to the throne, but he lost the carefreeness of his youth long before the event. Since the death of his parents in the war, he has been leading a merciless campaign of revenge against his own people for not managing to protect the royal couple. Fear spreads, until, one day, the young girl Shehrazade arrives at the palace. Paying no heed to the imminent danger, she faces up to the Sultan. Her plan is to tell him stories for one night and thereby free him from his hatred. Shehrazade has the rare talent to bring her stories to life; and with this gift, she wants to take the Sultan into a land of wizards, genies and heroes. But when the two arrive in Shehrazade’s story-world, everything is mixed up. A strange power has taken control over her stories. Supported by Sindbad, Ali Baba, and a genie, the two experience an adventure over the course of which initial hatred turns into friendship.

After his production of »King Arthur«, Markus Bothe stages another family play for the SchauSpielHaus.

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With: Jonas Anders, Achim Buch, Katja Danowski, Ute Hannig, Jonas Hien, Josefine Israel, Anja Laïs, Tobias Schormann, Olaf Rausch

Directed by Markus Bothe Set & Puppet Design: Robert Schweer Costume & Puppet Design: Justina Klimczyk Dramaturgy: Nora Khuon Music & Musical direction: Biber Gullatz Music: Stephan Krause, Charlotte Madadi-Fiorina, Christian Gerber, Matthias Trippner Sound: André Bouchekir, Matthias Lutz Lightning Design: Rebekka Dahnke Video: Marcel Didolff, Antje Haubenreisser