In a version by Katie Mitchell and Sybille Meier
Based on the book by Maggie Nelson
Translated from English by Jan Wilm

Premiere 15/03/2019


What colour is the universe? Is it “pale turquoise”, as a study based on computer calculations and published in a science journal suggests? Or rather “pale beige”, because the computer made a mistake? We would prefer to join Maggie Nelson in thinking that “the heart of the world is blue”. The blue planet, the blue hour, blue movies, to be blue, to feel blue – no other colour comes with such a wide spectrum of meanings. Maggie Nelson’s obsession with the colour blue forms the centre of her 240 luminous prose miniatures, which she associates with a collection of objects of hers, the feeling of abandonment, the “female stare”, sex, a depressive episode, and numerous other clever reflections. These highly precise and thoughtful short texts could be located anywhere between poetry, philosophical essay, memoir and meditation. They are sketches that are loosely connected by association, but can also be read in their own right. “Why blue? People ask me this question often. I never know how to respond. We don’t get to choose what or whom we love, I want to say. We just don’t get to choose.”
“The book is a beauty”, a review in the newspaper “Die Zeit” recently stated. British director Katie Mitchell make these idiosyncratic blue “propositions” the starting point for her new work.

With: Yorck Dippe, Ute Hannig, Paul Herwig, Julia Wieninger

Directed by: Katie Mitchell Stage Design: Alex Eales Costume Design: Clarissa Freiberg Lightdesign: Anthony Doran Videodesign: Grant Gee Sounddesign: Donato Wharton Sound: Finn Corvin Gallowsky, Katja Haase Video: Marcel Didolff Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier Assistant to director: Lily McLeish