Holy Mothers

by Werner Schwab

Premieres 03/11/2018



In their petty bourgeois kitchen cum living room, Erna, Grete, and Mariedl shamelessly vent their frustration at the ways of the world on each other. They create a world of their own, made of fecal phantasies, pope-TV and dachshund love. Their lusty verbal attacks, which they lavishly spike with grudges and bigotry, are both their horizon and their garish little fun fair. Their own dirt, however, remains safely hidden under the kitchen rug – until finally Mariedl, the youngest of the three ladies, confronts her peers with the truth of life. But that much reality is just too much to bear…
In his wickedly funny fecal drama, which has long since become a classic, Werner Schwab scouts out the abysses and dissects the world of little people: "These people think they know it all, they can rule over everyone. It's a form of megalomania. They think they come from a family of female presidents." Hungarian director Victor Bodo, who previously directed the fast-paced and grotesque plays »Ich, das Ungeziefer« (I, the Vermin) and »Pension zur Wandernden Nase« (Inn of the Wandering Nose) at the MalerSaal, now takes on Werner Schwab’s absurdly funny linguistic masterpiece.

With: Lina Beckmann, Ute Hannig Es spielen: Bettina Stucky

Directed by: Viktor Bodo Stage Design: Ildi Tihanyi Costume Design: Fruzsina Nagy Music: Klaus von Heydenaber Video: Marek Luckow Sounddesign: Gábor Keresztes Lightning Design: Andreas Juchheim Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier, Anna Veress