I Can’t Go On Like this

von René Pollesch

Premiere 25/02/2017


“Once you realize that what it is all about, what really determines our efforts and our fights, and what move us, is unsayable; you cannot be silent, but have to speak up.So we talk, and have to talk. We have to talk, talk, talk. We have to talk our way towards this abyss of the unsayable.

People love when theatrical situations are made transparent to them, when the theatre itself is left to tell the story. What the theatrical lighting is all about, for example. Whether it is directed from stage right or left. Or whether someone enters from stage right or left. What that means. This is the romantic relation between the audience and the theatre. But there is also something else. People love the moment they realize that plays are made, because there is no solution. Made by people who experience a stage of life where they don’t know anything. Where they don’t know what to do next. Really, Hamlet is an unbearable state.” (René Pollesch; transl. Sarah Jane Ablett)

With: Kathrin Angerer, Sachiko Hara, Bettina Stucky, Daniel Zillmann And: Svea Bein, Julia Buchmann, Saskia Corleis, Alica Dietzel, Lillo Aline Dönselmann, Hannah Rebekka Ehlers, Laura Ehrich, Laura Eichten, Verena Gerjets, Lucie Anabel Gieseler, Veronika Hertlein, Nina Jacobs, Tabita Johannes, Raffaela Kraus, Helene Krüger, Luise Leschik, Klaudija Parizoska

Directed by René Pollesch Set Design: Wilfried Minks Costume Design: Tabea Braun Sound Design: Roman Schneider, Hans-Peter ›Shorty‹ Gerriets Lightning Design: Holger Stellwag Artistic collaborator stage: Eylien König Artistic management of the choir: Christine Groß Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier