Problems Problems Problems

by René Pollesch

Premiere 06/04/2019


"Each time a problem arises, new concepts emerge, so that if we understand the history of philosophy in such a way – as the creation of concepts which are the functions of problems and problems that are actually hidden and inconspicuous and need to be discovered – we can see that philosophy has nothing to do with the categories of true or false. The search for truth has no meaning at all. The creation of concepts and problems is meaningful, not truth and untruth. A problem with meaning, a meaningful problem.
Doing philosophy is to face problems that make sense and to create concepts that make us move towards understanding and dealing with problems."
(Gilles Deleuze)

With: Sachiko Hara, Angelika Richter, Sophie Rois, Bettina Stucky, Marie Rosa Tietjen Live-Camera: Hannes Francke, Ute Schall Boom operator: Dorian Sorg

Directed by: René Pollesch Stage Design: Barbara Steiner Costume Design: Tabea Braun Video: Ute Schall Lightning: Susanne Ressin Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier