A European requiem, based on Federico Fellini

Premieres 05/12/2015


Running time: Three hours, 15 minutes, one interval

A luxury cruiser slips onto a collision course with political reality. The illustrious passengers – occidental monomaniacs who are all members of a modern European orchestra – have assembled on board to have a burial at sea for their former director. Entirely convinced of their enlightening mission and caught up in the spirals of elaborate aesthetic discourse, while at the same time occupied with personal vanities and fears about their future, they do not notice the approaching disaster of political reality. As they enthusiastically rehearse their late director’s magnum opus, “Human Rights No. 4”, the surrounding seas are witnessing a state of emergency, an unprotected legal vacuum created by the ongoing processes of globalisation.

When the captain feels forced to take on board the passengers of a shipwrecked refugee boat, the funerary voyage follows an unexpected course, and even on the Ship of Dreams cherished Euro-centric illusions can no longer be sustained.

Fellini’s »And the Ship Sails On« is two things at once: a requiem for a Europe that is blind to reality and therefore doomed, and a poetic-dramatic appeal for a change of course. Karin Beier has adapted the 1983 cinema classic for actors, performers and musicians and re-written it for the stage.

»Schiff der Träume« has been invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen 2016 and is nominated for a NESTROY.