Musik: Michael Wertmüller
Text: Karl Valentin
Regie: Herbert Fritsch

Premiere 28/05/2017


In 1931 a theatre in Munich closed within eight weeks of its opening because the manager refused to comply with fire regulations and played a sketch with a burning cigarette stub. The manager was Karl Valentin. If Herbert Fritsch managed a theatre, it might meet with the same fate: ABSOLUTE CONVICTION! Herbert Fritsch loves the stage, he loves the space on stage, he loves the theatre – and he loves people who share all that love. Karl Valentin was such a person.

With »Valentin« Fritsch will take a personal approach to Karl Valentin’s oeuvre. For a number of years now, Fritsch has been successful in bringing untypical texts and material to the stage. In these productions, the stage turns into text and music, and music becomes text and space. The unspeakable, the unsayable is one topic. Humour is another. »Valentin« is planned as an evening of light and humorous music, both dedicated to and inspired by Karl Valentin. Not exactly an evening in the style of Karl Valentin, but his spirit and his humour will be at the centre of an opera in search of the moment where language ends and music begins.

With: Yorck Dippe, Jonas Hien, Josef Ostendorf, Bastian Reiber, Ruth Rosenfeld, Bettina Stucky, Michael Weber, Hubert Wild, Gala Othero Winter Steamboat Switzerland: Dominik Blum, Lucas Niggli, Marino Pliakas JazzHaus Ensemble: Jan Gospodinow, Oli Gutzeit, Adrian Hanack, Johannes Hirt, Sebastian Hoffmann, Vlatko Kucan, Chris Lüers, Stephan Meinberg, Felix Meyer, Menzel Mutzke, Anatolii Pinchuk

Directed by: Herbert Fritsch Music: Michael Wertmüller Costume Design: Bettina Helmi Band Leader: Christophe Schweizer Musically production management: Alicia Geugelin Répétiteur: Alexander Bülow Lightning Design: Annette ter Meulen Sound: Roman Schneider, Hans-Peter ›Shorty‹ Gerriets Dramaturgy: Peter Schütz